Adam Thomas

I was quickly approved for business financing and was able to get money to start my new franchise. Thanks for the help!

Todd Harris

"Used Donna for over 2 years and they did remove items from all three credit bureaus. I would highly suggest you use Donna." Todd Harris, VP of Sales at RPM Mortgage

Timothy Chin

"Donna is not a "johnny-come-lately" to the credit restoration business. She has written the book on how credit repair should be done and has been a proven resource to the clients I have referred to her. If you know of anyone (and we all do!) that need to have their credit restored, Donna is your go-to person." Timothy Chin, CEO at Referral Leaders International

Teresa Brockett

"Donna has been my go-to person in the industry when m clients have needed a dependable crdit expert. In the mortgage industy, credit scores are everything. If you don't have the scores or you have inaccurate information on your credit report, you may not qualify for a home loan. Donna works with my clients to get their credit where it needs to be, and in turn allowing them to qualify for a beneficial home loan. I would recommend Donna at Kansas City Credit Services to anyone who is looking for help in the credit arena. She knows the business and she gets results."

Steve Trigg

I figured I had business credit since I have been in business almost 10 years, but I found out I didn't have any history at all. With your help, I was able to build my business credit and was able to obtain financing really fast.

Rob Kaplan

"Donna has a vast amount of hands-on credit repair experience. She is a self-motivated, result-oriented business woman who knows the credit repair industry inside and out. Coupling that with her genuine, caring nature has made Donna unequivocally my 'go-to-girl' on everything 'Credit Repair'." Rob Kaplan, Target Blaze, LLC

Rachel Trask

"I have sent several of my clients to Donna for credit services. She goes above and beyond to educate and help each client. They are pleased with her and recommend her to others. I am confident in her work and ability to help me help my clients obtain home ownership. Thanks Donna!" Rachel Trask, Managing Originator

Peggy Bashkroff

"Donna is amazing! She knows her field of work and gets the job done efficiently, while serving her clients in a professional, positive and concerned manner." Peggy Bashkroff, VP at Circle 360

Paul H

In 1999 I began to see a noticeable increase in the number of individuals coming to me with credit challenges. I began looking for a resource to aid them with their issues and looked through the Yellow Pages. In 1999 I contacted KCCS and began working with them to get my clients involved with their program. Since we began working together I have seen a 50% increase in my close ratio due to improved credit situations with my prospects.

KCCS works to efficiently improve their credit reports and continually reinforces my relationship throughout their time together. This has benefited me through less follow up on my part, increased number of return clients due to re-financing opportunities and a tremendous increase in referrals due to this life-changing service. My customer satisfaction has increased and my personal productivity is much greater due to this relationship.

I can definitely recommend this company for loan officers who are looking to have a substantial increase in their closing percentages and decrease in amount of time following up with potential clients who are in the pipeline. Paul H

Patricia Guerra

I had lost my job of 13 years and my personal credit was in bad shape. Now I have been able to build busines credit and obtain financing in my business name. Thanks for your help...I wouldn't have been able to do this without you.

Neal Yeagley

"Donna is simply incredible with her knowledge and reputation that she has created in the credit repair field. I can think of very few who have more knowledge than this woman does. She has probably forgotten more than most people know. When it comes to credit repair, she is absolutely amazing. No one knows the laws and regulations like she does. When it comes to performance, This woman is a hands on, owner operator CEO/President of a company that has been in business more than 20 years. Knowledge, integrity, professionalism, and reputation, she has them all. Not only that, a great friend that I will treasure for life. Wish we were closer."

Mark Delhougne

I want to thank you for the valuable service your company performed on one of my very best clients. A gentleman whose credit had been seriously affected by old, erroneous information has been transformed from a 610 FICO score to above 700. He was exasperated by failed attempts to restore his own scores. Your firm accdomplished in 90 days what he ahd not been able to do for the last 3 years. Thanks to you and Tony Hamilton for your diligence and professionalism, our cient will save many thousads of dollars in interest because of your work.

Also, on behalf of the Missouri Association of Mortgage Brokers, I want to thank you for your commitment to supporting our community, both financially and with the generous gift of your time. Education is an important aspect of membership, and your recent efforts to instruct our members on how credit disputes can be resolved will make a positive financial impact for our members and their clients. We look forward to a continued working relationship with Kansas City Credit Services.

Mark Delhougne, Associate Managing Director, The Private Bank

Maria McClure

I can't thank you enough! I was able to get enough capital to cover the expenses we had during our closed season. Thanks to your help, I just got funded based on my accounts receivable. I also received a loan for miscellaneous expenses.

Lansa Johnson

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Lansa Johnson, when I came to Donna and her team at Kansas City Credit Services I was very nervous and thought this company was a true gimmick. The truth of the matter is; Donna and her team or experts are the real deal. They were very professional and on top of everything. They walked with me through every step and did not miss a beat from establishing new credit to the removing of most of my damage.

My credit was terrible, especially after being laid-off and going through a divorce and in the 400’s to now up to 619. She and her team help me restore my credit and given me my security back. My credit records were full of judgments, collections, late pays and I had filed Bankruptcy. I just started the program March, 2010 and in just four short months I am now only a few points away from being pre-approved for a home owner’s loan and for this I am grateful.


Lansa Johnson

Joseph G.

“Thank you for not giving up on me. We want things easy and we want things now whether they damage us or not. I went from low 400’s to mid 700’s in 8 months and my whole life opened up as a business owner."

John Fancher

“I just want to thank you, Donna… You did more for me in one month than Lexington Law did in 10 months. You have moved me closer to my goal in a shorter amount of time and I just want to thank you. – Jon F”


In 1998 I was separating from a spouse who left me with substantial credit issues. A former friend of mine shared with me their success with KCCS and I hired them for my own personal credit situation. After experiencing great results, I began to see an opportunity to capture the sub-prime buyers I was turning away and develop residual business through re-financing them once their credit situations were improved. At the time I began working with KCCS I was averaging 7 loans per month. I now am averaging 14 loans per month with most of them coming from referrals. More than this I feel great about helping someone who has had every door slammed in their face now have confidence to qualify for the best rates on the market instead of hearing 'NO' I have seen a huge increase in client loyalty by taking 10 minutes to talk with them about this life changing opportunity. Instead of just closing more loans I am changing people's lives".

Dorothy Lowell

You're the best! You got me approved for funding even when my personal bank turned me down due to bad personal credit.

Denise Yeagle

"Donna is a highly professional business associate with fantastic results in her field of expertise! I would recommend Donna to anyone needing her advice and or consulting expertise! Hat's off to Donna!

Carna Henderson

As a satisfied client, I would like to thank Kansas City Credit Services for the excelent services provided to my husband and I. In great time of need, in less than 5 months, our credit scores exceeded the required standard to purchase our new home. More than 18 items were removed in a timely fashion with no hassle and helpful representatives to assist us in the process. After our home purchase was complete, Kansas City Credit Services continued to watch and repair our credit. I am currently employed at Southwest Bank, and I refer all of my clients with credit issues to Kansas City Credit Services. It is a trustworthy company. It really works!

Brett Russell

My personal credit is not that good. After getting turned down at multiple banks, I signed up with your business credit program. I have made really good progress and obtained $10,000 so far. Thanks, I appreciate it!

Success Stories – Hear From Some of Our Satisfied Clients

Adam Thomas

I was quickly approved for business financing and was able to get money to start my new franchise. Thanks for the help!