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Platinum PLUS Credit Restoration Program

The Platinum Plus Program is comprehensive credit restoration, which includes work with the three major credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, CSC/Equifax) to correct misleading, inaccurate, and non-verifiable information about you.  This program also works with your creditors, providing debt validation to offer relief from unscrupulous and deceptive practices by collection attempts. 

If the creditor or collector cannot prove that they have the proper paperwork to collect the debt, then it may be void.  Your personal Credit Concierge™ will help you go through the enrollment process, do a forensic audit of all three credit reports, work with you to determine what you believe is inaccurate, and formulate a calculated program that will suit your individual goals. 

You will learn how to negotiate your debt with creditors, learn about achieving new, positive trade lines that can affect your score, and how to keep the bureaus from selling your personal data! 

Your initial consultation fee is $399 (due the day you become a client after the consultation service) which includes the forensic audit, and then $129 per month after service is performed for you. 


Corrections with 3 Bureaus Personal Credit Concierge™
Debt Validation with Creditors Exclusive Credit Education
Credit Profile Forensic Audit Access to Credit Lines

The Platinum Plus program has been specifically designed for customers who have creditors or collectors contacting them, or who have unsecured debts showing on their credit reports that may not be theirs. We perform a service called Debt Validation, which requires the creditors/collectors to prove you owe the debt.

In addition, we attempt to achieve corrections with all three major credit reporting agencies (bureaus) to remove as much outdated, misleading, inaccurate or unverifiable information as possible. This practice allows your history to be more accurate. You will be assigned to your own personal Credit Concierge™ who is on your team!


$399 & $129/mo*

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*The initial credit consultation is free. This determines your needs and your suitability for this particular program. No-one pays for credit restoration before the service has been completed at KC Credit Services. The full consultation is next, and after completion, the cost of $399 is charged – this fee is non-refundable. The full consultation includes a forensic audit of your three bureau credit report, debt validation work, training on how to deal with your creditors, access to healthy trade lines, and proprietary credit education at your own pace. The monthly fee is $129 for this service, and is billed in arrears, meaning the month in which you enter the program will not be debited from your account until the next month. Cancel any time, understanding that one more debit will occur after cancellation for the previous month’s work

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Platinum Plus FAQ's

How are the Platinum and Platinum Plus programs different?

How often should I pull a copy of my credit report?

If I cancel early, what will happen to the work you have done?

What happens if I miss a payment?

Why should I trust you to do this work?

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