Since 1991, KC Credit Services has specialized in helping customers

At KC Credit Services, we guarantee credit improvement once you have been approved for one of our programs. You have to do your part to make this happen, but working in concert, together we will improve your situation.

That being said, the laws and regulations we live by do not allow us to make any specific claims about what we can do. And we never have, anyway. We run our business is an ethical way that suits our clientele. Any time you have a questions, your personal Credit Concierge(tm) will be there to answer it for you.

Industry First, 5 Year Guarantee: If a removed account with the same creditor with the same account number reappears on TransUnion, Equifax or Experian during the first five years after service has been completed, KC Credit Services will take them on again at no additional charge! Nobody else provides this length of time guarantee!