Credit Repair and Bankruptcy
June 21, 2017

Is Your Credit Score "High" Enough?

Credit App DeniedWe are in a world where everything we do is out there on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and every other kind of social media. Our lives are on public display. Every movement we make is being recorded somewhere. For instance, at every intersection there are cameras that capture us when we go through that intersection. Our debit and credit card are monitored every time we swipe them. It seems like nothing is private any more, especially our credit information.

You can not do anything related to money without having someone look at your credit report. Is your credit good enough to buy a home, to get a credit card, or purchase a car? If you don’t have a certain score, that’s just too bad. You need a good credit score in order to buy a home or rent an apartment, to get a job, or be able to get loans.

Being in the credit restoration business I see examples of people being turned down all the time because they don’t have the right score. One example was a woman that was applying to rent an apartment. The complex required a 500 credit score and she came up with a 499. One point…and they still would not rent to her, plus she had a good rental history.  I had a mother and her son who gave up their apartment because she wasn’t working and couldn’t pay the rent and moved into a homeless shelter. She came in and started credit restoration work so later she wouldn’t have to worry if her score was high enough. Calls come in from people saying there is this job I want, but I am worried that my score isn’t high enough. What do I need to do to raise it?  Is there information on my credit report that is holding me back? Even though there is no legitimate connection between a person’s credit score and how they are going to perform a job, their credit score is still weighed heavily in the decision making process of the employer, today.

All the credit bureaus are good for is tracking what they say is your credit history. Nothing more, nothing less. By Federal Law ALL credit reports must be 100% accurate. Government reports out now say the credit bureaus’ records are 80% inaccurate. This includes people’s records that have never had any credit issues before. These inaccuracies are costing the consumer’s millions of dollars each year in higher insurance rates, interest rates, and affect where we can live. One of the big things the credit bureaus do is dump other people’s credit information on other people’s credit reports and this makes them inaccurate. What does this say about who is getting away with what? The credit bureaus then require the consumer to justify removing the bad information from their report even though you have no way of knowing what it is causing you to be penalized.

That is what is happening with credit reports. They are costing us jobs, a place to live, and higher payments on everything else. They are costing consumers’ money that you can’t afford to lose. All because of an inaccurate score.  Call us today!

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