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July 6, 2017
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July 7, 2017

Credit Restoration Myth #11: My Score = My Getting New Credit

(Note to consumers:  This is the eleventh in a
series regarding common misconceptions about credit repair or credit
restoration.  The information contained is deemed to be accurate, but
not guaranteed.)

Your FICO credit score is only one of many determining factors in obtaining new credit..

Each creditor has established their own set of guidelines and rules for extending credit. A creditor will usually require a full application that asks for many things: your income, your employment history, current level of committed expenses, your spending habits, and your credit history.

If you falsify any part of the application, you have committed credit fraud. The creditor will subjectively review all facts available, and make a decision for or against giving you credit based upon their own review criteria.

You may never know what that criteria consists of. Remember, this is not an OBJECTIVE decision. It is SUBJECTIVE. That means that the creditor may make any decision he wishes, except where the law dictates his actions (as in race, color or creed discrimination.  New credit can be granted even though your current score is weak, if other factors support it.

So your FICO credit score is only one of many facts that the creditor will consider in reviewing your application and granting credit to you.

Let us help you with your credit restoration needs so you can once again qualify for new credit lines.

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