Red Flag Rules Part Two
July 10, 2017
Congress Contemplates Reasons and Fixes for 40 Million Credit Report Mistakes
July 10, 2017

40 Million People in US Affected by Innacuracies on Their Credit Reports Says 60 Minutes

In an “industry sponsored” report provided to the federal government, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian claim that 95% of people in the US are “satisfied” with the dispute process for their credit reports.  What a crock!  Asking the bureaus to do a study about their dispute process is like asking the wolf to guard the chickens in the hen house.  We know from our own experience that number is not even close.  Here is what 60 minutes found out when they did a program about this problem:

If phone numbers to offshore to people without the ability to do anything for the customer, and PO Boxes are provided that go into a dead letter hole (and the PO box numbers are often changed without notice, so your request goes to the dead letter file at the USPS), then how is a consumer to get justice and change for their credit reports?  Working with a company like ours, with nearly a quarter century fighting for your rights and WINNING!  Give us a call today to learn how working with KC Credit Services can benefit you! 

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